Our Group

Welcome to the future! Your search for creativity and innovation starts with us. In the years to come, seed builders Nigeria plans to position its brand at the forefront of organisations in African and indeed the whole world.Our goal is to build numerous sustainable and profitable businesses in the countries that we operate in, therefore, driving the Economy growth and providing employments.


First and only online retailer for automotive parts in Africa

Trent Energy

Key player in the oil and Gas downstream section, we market and distribute crude oil and Natural gas. We play a key role in the supply of petrol, kerosene, Jet Fuel and numerous Petrochemicals.

Orion capital

Committed to nurturing innovative world changing ideas by providing start up capital between $10,000 and 50,000.


A leading facilities management company, which currently operates in Lagos and Abuja.

i5 Global resources

A General merchandise company