We are a team driven by purpose and excellence. At seed builders we help businesses and startups to innovate and execute ideas in our ever-changing world. Working in partnership with our clients from its inception, we identify their business needs, key objectives, intended outcomes and we provide extra ordinary results.

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At Seed builders, our vision is to be Africa's (Nigeria's) leading Advisory destination and incubator for start-ups and high growth organizations across all industries.


We are a platform that helps African start-ups and high growth-businesses achieve their full potential and become world-class companies by deploying "intelligent capital" and expertise next to financial capital. Our clients are able leverage our expertise in the areas of strategy, marketing, legal advisory and execution management to do bold things fast and quick.

We are a platform to share and leverage on our skills, strengths, connections and opportunities. We interact and share our past experiences and real life business scenario and models so that businesses follow suit if needed.

We provide capital from reputable investors and stand as an intermediary to early-stage, high-potential growth startup companies by creating a platform to showcase their ideas, business and its feasibility.

We offer consulting services in areas of business strategy and management, marketing, administration, entrepreneurship, personal development, supply chain management, change management, legal advisory, human resource management, execution management, strategic management and leadership, Project Management, Sustainability and Environmental Management.

We organize and participate in conferences, business events, seminars, exhibitions, network and workshops to deliver a selection of elite exhibitors, professional speakers, thought leaders and industry experts who address and understand the needs of business owners and strive to equip them with the necessary tools to help them on their road to success.